Where temperament is paramount

Welcome to Myrtledale

Primarily Myrtledale provides Northern Australian graziers with purebred breeding bulls at an affordable price, that represent class leading bloodlines and beef traits.


This year marks 54 years selling registered bulls.

That's a long time breeding quiet cows to quiet bulls. Our current focus is on polles with large mature weights. 2022 also marks Bob's 41st consecutive annual artificial insemination program.

Sires represented in current AI Programs

Greys:     LMC Apollo 266/9 (IMP US)  LMC Pistolero M130 (IMP US)  BARDIA Ambassador  WILLTONY Stetson  LMC Polled Sambo 45/0 (IMP US) MYRTLEDALE Pablo 1085  MORENO Polled Kyros  DOONSIDE Marvel
Reds:    YOMAN 870/1  SAMARI PLAINS Luke   MUAN Trailblazer 5726